Book a fishing lesson with our Company Founder Jack Jenkins at White Springs Fishery, Swansea. Jack caters to all ages and abilities. Whether a complete novice or looking for basic skills / advice on tackle / rig setup or just been away from the sport for a while and need a refresher, drop Jack an email at – Within the Subject Box, please do state – Alpha Tuition.

(The Broken Lin) coming in at 29lb, taken on Sticky Baits Manilla on the WhiteSprings Specimen Lake.

Please do state your level of Fishing and what you wanting to achieve from tuition. Jack will be able to cater to your needs to ensure that you are fishing from the off and not missing the bites.

Contact to discuss pricing

To see the full details of White Springs Fishery, please do click on the link below to be directed to there website as well as on there Facebook page to see what you could land within the tuition.

BigPit at Whitesprings