Tom's lead of choice is the Alpha R&K, he explains why in his own words!

    'They are a great all round lead for either heli or lead clip set ups, they fly true and are in my opinion the best lead for feeling for a drop'

    Alpha R&K Heli Ring 

    Eltons Pick!

    'I favour a flat pear when fishing over a lake with a varied topography. For instance if I’m fishing on top of a bar and theres potential of being picked up by bird life, I need to know that lead is staying put and not rolling down the shelf potentially tangling my rig and ruining my chances of a bite. When fishing at range or in deeper silty areas I prefer to fish a dumpy distance lead. Being bottom heavy I find them easier and smoother to cast, with the rig and line flying true, with great indication over the substrate im fishing over. Fishing venues with cray fish in I opt for a minimum of a 4oz lead, knowing its harder for them to pick up & move off the spot. Sometimes aligning the finer details can help bank an extra fish or two.'

    Alpha Flat Pear